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Are Natural Campsites very basic?
No – almost all the sites listed have hot showers, lavatories and dishwashing facilities. There are only a couple of campsites that only include toilets and drinking water.

Are there any ‘wild’ animals at large on Natural Campsites?
Since many campsites are located in or near nature reserves, there is certainly a chance you will encounter various species of wildlife, including toads, wild boar, adders, brown rats, field mice and various species of birds (including birds of prey).

Just how quiet are the campsites?
While rest and respect for other campers are important at the Natural Campsites, please note that the sites are not noise-free – some noise may seep through from a local road, and occasionally aircraft may pass over the site or you may hear music from a local party.

Do the Natural Campsites have security/surveillance facilities?
Although there are no security facilities onsite, there is a manager who regularly inspects the site and to whom you can direct any questions and/or complaints you may have.

Are the Natural Campsites ever fully booked?
Yes – if the maximum occupancy rate is achieved, no new campers are admitted to the site during that period. The busiest periods are Ascension Day, Whitsuntide (Whit Monday is a full holiday in the Netherlands) and the summer months.

Do I need to reserve in advance?
That depends on the situation. In some cases it is not even possible to book in advance, so it is recommended that you contact the campsite in advance to find out if there is space available. For sites located on the Wadden Islands, you are required to book for a specific period.

Can I leave my tent or caravan on the site when I’m gone for a week?
No – there are no designated spaces at Natural Campsites, and campers are not permitted to leave behind tents, caravans or folding trailers.

Are the tents subject to specific requirements?
No – all tent owners are welcome on our sites. However, tents with large extensions or large porches, and party tents are incompatible with Natural Campsites.

Do I need to help clean the sanitary facilities?
Naturally, you are expected to leave the sanitary facilities as you yourself would like to find them. Most of the sites have a manager who ensures that everything looks spick and span. Some sites expect campers to help out with cleaning duties in the off seasons.

Do any of the sites have power facilities?
Yes, more than half the sites have power hook-ups, although aggregates are not permitted on the sites.

How come not all the sites have separate waste systems?
That has to do with local regulations regarding waste disposal and collection. All Natural Campsites comply with municipal waste policies.

Will I need to move my tent during my stay?
If you are staying for a longer period, you may be required to move your tent or caravan occasionally, to ensure that the underlying grass receives enough air and light.

Can I light a fire?
The rules vary from one site to another. Many campsites have a special area for campfires or provide fire bowls, braziers or other special containers. Always ask the site manager what is permitted and what is not. Safety is paramount! You should also think about the environmental impact of a campfire. Useful tips can be found here.

How do I prevent black stains in the grass?
Make sure that burners, grills and barbecues are always placed on top of a tile or plank and always pour off cooking juices in a bare spot (i.e. without vegetation).

What do I do if I have lost my Natural Campsite Pass?
If you are a subscriber, you can apply for a duplicate pass through De Groene Koepel. A duplicate pass costs € 5,-.

Can I subscribe to The Green Guide and the Natural Campsite Pass?
Yes, you can apply using the reply card at the back of this guide. You will then receive The Green Guide (Het Groene Boekje), including the Natural Campsite Pass (Natuurkampeerkaart). If you authorise us to charge your account, you will receive a € 1,45 discount.

By when do I need to cancel my subscription?
If you wish to cancel, please do so before 1 November of each calendar year.

Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?
Yes, you can subscribe and unsubscribe to our newsletter by sending an email to

Do you have sister organisations in other countries?
No, but our accreditation scheme has now been extended to include natural campsites in France. We also maintain a list of organisations which manage or recommend attractive natural campsites in other countries. In Denmark, for example, a network of basic campsites for cyclists and hikers is listed by Overnatning i det Fri, while the United Kingdom has organisations such as Camping in the Forest.

What is the difference between Natural Campsites and naturist campsites?
There is no nude recreation at Natural Campsites.

Where do I direct complaints?
If you encounter any problems, please contact the site manager immediately.