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What makes Natural Campsites so different? Camping at a Natural Campsite is camping as it was intended. These campsites are different from most traditional family campsites due to the following features:

Natural setting
Our campsites are located in some of the country’s most beautiful settings, far from the proverbial madding crowd, as you will be able to see on the aerial views on Google Maps. Some of the Natural Campsites are located in densely wooded areas.

Small-scale yet spacious
The majority of Natural Campsites, while modest in size, will always provide plenty of space for every camper, and it is that little bit of extra space that gives you the rest and privacy you need. Even during the peak holiday periods, the sites will do everything to accommodate individual guests and to ensure they are comfortable in their surroundings.

Respect for your peace and quiet
Visitors to Natural Campsites tend to look for tranquillity, which is why you won’t find any noisy playgrounds, cafeterias, radios or cars on any of our sites.

Basic amenities and facilities
While you shouldn’t expect any bathrooms with Jacuzzis, our sites do include lavatories and running water.? In addition, the majority of campsites feature hot showers. During the off season, some sites may ask you to help with cleaning duties – the descriptions of the sites will provide you with further information.

You’re more than welcome to bring your kids to the Natural Campsites – we assure you they will have a wonderful time. Many sites offer basic facilities such as sandboxes and swings, while some also include climbing huts, trampolines and swimming ponds. The best playground of all, however, is nature itself, where kids can explore and discover to their heart’s content.

No designated spaces
The Natural Campsites do not have designated spaces or seasonal spaces, which adds to the organic look and feel of our Natural Campsites.

Focus on sustainability
The Foundation (Stichting De Groene Koepel) encourages sustainability on the Natural Campsites – this includes the use of sustainable materials for sanitary facilities, the use of green energy, waste segregation and the use of biodegradable detergents.