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Stichting De Groene Koepel, te gast in de natuur
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A cycling holiday is one of the most environmentally responsible ways to enjoy your leisure time. If you spend your nights at one of the Natural Campsites rather than a hotel, you need have no concerns about your ecological footprint!

Natural Camping Cycling Routes
In association with Nederland Fietsland and the operators of the Natural Campsites, we have developed a network of Natural Camping Cycling Routes. Each route is approximately three hundred kilometres in length with several Natural Campsites along the way. There are currently Natural Camping Routes through the Achterhoek region, Groningen, Overijssel, Zeeland, Friesland, and the Zuid-Holland islands. In 2018, Drenthe will be added to the list. All routes interconnect with the existing national cycle routes and are suitable for cyclists of all levels. You can join and leave a route wherever you wish. The Natural Camping Route in Groningen can also be combined with a tipi tent arrangement
. At each site you visit, a welcoming tipi tent will be ready and waiting for you. You can even have your baggage transported from one location to the next. Full details of all Natural Camping Cycling Routes can be downloaded from the Nederland Fietsland website.

National Cycling Routes
If you would prefer to plan your own route, a good starting point is the National Cycling Routes website. The Netherlands’ long-distance cycle routes (LF routes) cover a total of 4,500 kilometres. There is clear signage in both directions. It is possible to plan an entire cycling holiday around these routes. When using our online Site Finder
, you can opt to superimpose the national network so that you can see where the routes lie in relation to the Natural Campsites.

Cycling Route Planner
The Nederland Fietsland website includes a cycling route planner developed in association with the Dutch Cyclists’ Union and the national centre of expertise for recreational cycling, Fietsplatform. This map shows all LF routes and their intersections as well as the Natural Campsites network. It allows you to plan your cycling holiday down to the last detail!