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Camping in the midst of open nature is a wonderful experience! The smell of pine resin, the grass beneath your feet, the song of the chiffchaff – you’ll soon feel at home at any of our 146 Natural Campsites or 20 Group Natural Campsites. There is something for everyone, from picturesque country estates and cosy orchards to extensive forests and rugged dunelands. Wherever you go, you will experience nature at its best.

Perhaps you’re planning a camping trip with your children or grandchildren. Maybe you’re organising an excursion for a group of friends or colleagues. The Natural Campsites network offers plenty of possibilities. If you’re the environmentally aware type, concerned about your ecological footprint, you’re in good hands. Sustainability is one of the spearheads of our organisation.

To stay at any of the Natural Campsites you will need a Natural Campsite Pass. You might like to read all the tips and information on this site. Alternatively, just switch off the computer, pack your rucksack and become a ‘Natural Camper’ right now!