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A stay at a Natural Campsite is an ideal way for children to discover nature. On and around the site they will be able to climb trees, build huts, catch tadpoles and play in the grass. Camping in the great outdoors is much more varied and exciting than a ‘regular’ holiday. The site descriptions in The Green Guide, the app and on this website provide useful information about amenities such as hot water, play equipment, wet weather facilities, etc.

With the whole family
The Natural Campsite Pass is valid for the whole family and allows you to visit one of the Natural Campsites together. Many sites offer discounted rates for children, while some allow very small children to stay free of charge.

Discovery Kit
The Discovery Kit includes everything children need to discover the wonders of nature. Most Natural Campsites have Discovery Kits that you can borrow: ask the site manager. Of course, intrepid young explorers might like to have their own equipment.

What’s in the kit?

  • Insect sucker (to transfer bugs into a jar for closer inspection)
  • Mirror (to examine the underside of plants and wild mushrooms without disturbing them)
  • A mouse-friendly mousetrap (catch the mouse alive, make friends and then release him!)
  • A magnifying jar (allows you to examine insects with 4x magnification)
  • Terrarium (in which to keep mice and other small creatures for a few minutes: always release them back into the wild!)
  • A specimen tray (on which to examine pinecones, owl pellets and animal tracks)
  • Junior geologist’s guide (a card with the names of various types of stone and rock)
  • A magnifying glass (enables you to see everything a little better)
  • Two-Way Viewer (a special magnifier which allows you to examine specimens from above and below)
  • The Nature Talent book (treasure hunts in the woods)

The Discovery Kit guarantees hours of educational fun!

Colouring in
We have two fun pictures for you to download and print. Young children will enjoy colouring them in, inspired by nature itself!
In the woods
Outdoors at night