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You can enjoy the Natural Campsites even without your own tent, caravan or camper van. There are several organisations offering a range of options, some of which are described in this section.

Hiker’s Cabins
Many Natural Campsites have accredited Hiker’s Cabins. They can be rented by the night and all have certain basic fittings such as beds, cooking facilities and a power outlet. Accredited Hiker’s Cabins range from the simple ‘Pod’ for two people to the more luxurious Trek-in (a sustainable hiker’s cabin) which sleeps up to six. The Trek-in even has its own bathroom and toilet. Advance reservations are recommended but not obligatory. The online Site Finder map shows which Natural Campsites have one or more Hiker’s Cabins. Further information can be found at

Holland Tent
If you would prefer to sleep in a tent but don’t have one of your own, you might like to contact Holland Tent. They have a range of fully equipped De Waard, Atomatent and Cabanon tents at various Natural Campsites. When you arrive, your tent will be ready and waiting for you. See:

Tipi tent
Tipiskamperen is a company which has fully equipped tipi tents at various locations in the north of the Netherlands. The tipis even have a wood burning stove to provide maximum comfort in the early spring and late autumn. Tipiskamperen also offers an all-in cycling holiday package during which you will stay at various Natural Campsites in Groningen or Drenthe. Your baggage can be transported separately if you wish. You can spend the days exploring the beautiful landscape by bike. When you arrive at the Natural Campsite, your tipi will be ready and all your baggage waiting for you. For further information see:

Camper van rentals: Tralaluna
If you like to travel in style, think about renting a camper van. Tralaluna, a company based in Drenthe, offers a range of seventies-look camper vans and caravans. We helped them to devise a route which takes in several Natural Campsites in the northern Netherlands. The vehicle hire charge includes a copy of the Green Guide and a personal Natural Camping Pass. Further information can be found on the Tralaluna

Camper van rentals: Camper Voet
Another company with a range of stylish campers is Camper Voet, which specialises in Volkswagen vehicles such as the iconic T2 and T3. They are guaranteed to turn heads as you take a magnificent road trip and visit some of the Netherlands’ many Natural Campsites. Click here for further information.

Bed & Wheels
Bed & Wheels is a website which lets you rent a camper, caravan or trailer tent from a private owner. The concept is simple: few people use their caravan every week and it’s a shame to leave it just gathering dust in the garage. Bed & Wheels is another excellent example of today’s ‘sharing economy’. There is no shortage of vehicles on offer so you are assured of finding something to meet your needs. And when your holiday is over, simply bring it back. Full details can be found on the Bed & Wheels

If you want to take a camping holiday but don’t own your own camping equipment, get in touch with Geardropper. You can select one of several packages which includes everything you will need, from tent to camping stove. You can also choose where to pick it up. In the Netherlands, Geardropper delivers to several Natural Campsites. You can stay at the site or just collect your ‘gear’ and continue on your way. Full details can be found on the Geardropper

Bicycle Caravan
The Bicycle Caravan is a remarkable innovation. It is a miniature caravan which sleeps two people but is light enough to be towed behind a bike. It is the most environmentally friendly caravan there is, since it accounts for zero emissions! The Bicycle Caravan is now available for hire in the northern Netherlands. See: