Become a Natural Camper

We can’t wait to show you the most beautiful camping spots in the middle of nature. Don’t forget your Natuurkampeerkaart (Natural Camping Pass)!

With the Natuurkampeerkaart you can visit all Natural Camping Sites. Here you can experience nature and enjoy the peace and quiet. The Natuurkampeerkaart is valid for an entire calendar year and costs €15.95. Due to high costs, we no longer send ‘Het Groene Boekje’ outside the Netherlands. You can easily order the card online. The Natuurkampeerkaart is only available in the app ‘Kamperen’.

All benefits in a nutshell

  • You can camp at all Natural Campsites (Natuurkampeerterreinen)
  • Your Natuurkampeerkaart is immediately available in the app ‘Kamperen’
  • Your Natuurkampeerkaart is valid for your whole family or camping group of up to 4 people
  • Sustainable choice
  • You contribute to the preservation of unique camping spots in nature


Order the Natuurkampeerkaart