The network of Nature Camping Sites is part of Stichting De Groene Koepel. Your personal information is processed and secured by De Groene Koepel with the utmost possible care and confidentiality. We hereby comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. We think it is important to communicate about this clearly and transparently. In this statement we explain why and in what way we process your personal information.


What is personal information?

Personal information is information on the basis of which you may, directly or in combination with other information, be recognised. Examples include: your NKK number, (sur)name, address, location, date of birth, sex, telephone number and email address.

Collection and processing personal information

De Groene Koepel processes, in the context of service provision, the personal information of managers/ entrepreneurs of recognised Nature Camping Sites, campers who are in the possession of the Nature Camping Card (on an ongoing or one-off basis), of persons visiting our website, registering for newsletters, participating with actions and who are working with us.

A contact with De Groene Koepel may be by telephone, through the contact form on the website, by email, through a link included in an email newsletter sent by us, upon registration for a newsletter or through social media.

We collect the following personal information:

  • Personal details (such as your name, address, location, date of birth, sex, (mobile) telephone number, bank account number, email address);
  • Email preferences (for example whether you subscribed to our newsletter);
  • Interaction data (such as your IP address, cookie IDs, surfing behaviour and which pages you visit on, or, open and click behaviour through our email newsletters, preferences/interests, opinions, use of social media or contact with one of our employees).

We process personal information on the basis of the following bases:


De Groene Koepel processes personal information on the basis of permission. Involved parties are at liberty to withhold or withdraw permission. In that case, it may not be possible to make use of products and services of De Groene Koepel. Wherever personal information is required and the involved party wishes to make use of the service provision of De Groene Koepel, the involved party agrees with the collection and the use of this personal information.

Execution agreement

In the context of the service provision of De Groene Koepel and the conclusion of agreements, De Groene Koepel collects and uses necessary personal information for making an offer, the formation and execution of an agreement.

Performance statutory obligations

The processing of information may be necessary for the performance of statutory obligations which De Groene Koepel is required to comply with.

Legitimate interest

The collection and use of certain information is necessary to give effect to legitimate commercial interests, for example offering products which may be interesting to involved parties or to improve the products and service provision of De Groene Koepel. Whenever De Groene Koepel processes information on this basis, De Groene Koepel ensures the necessary measures to prevent that the processing infringes on the rights and liberties which apply under the privacy legislation.

All communication channels of De Groene Koepel fall under this Privacy Statement. We will not process your personal information for purposes other than the abovementioned, unless you have given permission for this in advance or we are allowed or have to do so pursuant to the law.


Subscribe and unsubscribe from email newsletters

You can subscribe at various places for newsletters of De Groene Koepel (,, For this it is necessary to enter a valid email address. Do you want to receive less or no newsletters? In each newsletter you find an unsubscribe link at the bottom with which you can unsubscribe at any time for the email newsletter in question.


Retention periods

De Groene Koepel does not store your personal information for longer than necessary in order to be able to offer a good and careful service provision and to be able to meet your wishes. If we no longer require your information, it will be destroyed. We use the retention period of two years for this.


Provision of data to third parties

We do not provide your personal information to other parties without your prior permission. Exceptions to this are if we are obligated to this pursuant to the law or if it is necessary in the context of the execution of our service provision and/or agreement which we have with you. For the execution of our service provision – for example for our administration – we use service providers in some cases. These parties only process your personal information in the manner they are prescribed by De Groene Koepel.


Cookie Statement

De Groene Koepel makes use of cookies and similar technology. Cookies are small text files which are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page. Cookies ensure, for example, that our website functions optimally. It primarily concerns functional cookies which support the functioning of the website. To a limited degree analytical cookies by Google Analytics are also used. A processing agreement with Google is concluded for this purpose. This information is anonymised (the last octet of the IP address is obscured) and no data is shared with Google or used for their services which are offered in combination with Google Analytics. This conduct has no consequences for the privacy of website visitors and is permitted under the General Data Protection Regulation. Please also read our cookie statement.



Your personal information is secured by us in a suitable manner. We have taken the necessary measures to prevent that your personal information gets lost, stolen or accessed by unauthorised parties.


Your rights

If you have provided personal information to us, then you may send us a request to access this data, correct it, relocate it or have it destroyed. As camper you can access your information yourself and amend it using the app Kamperen and

Other requests can be sent in at With respect to all your rights we will, in general, do our very best to comply with this to the best of our ability. We will always attempt to process your request within 2 weeks.


Dutch Data Protection Authority

Do you have a complaint pertaining to how De Groene Koepel handles your personal information? Then you have the right to submit a complaint about this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.



If you want more information after reading our privacy statement or if you have more questions and/or comments, please contact us.


Amendments privacy statement

De Groene Koepel reserves the right to make amendments to this statement. You can always find the most recent version on This statement was last updated on 1 December 2022



The content of this website is composed with the utmost care. Despite the due care, it may take place that the information on this website is out of date or contains inaccuracies. Stichting De Groene Koepel is under no circumstance liable for any damage or loss which is the direct or indirect consequence of or in relation to the use of the information available on this and through this website, or of information on sites which we refer to. ‘Natuurkampeerterreinen ®’ is a registered brand name.